Custom Clip: Shrunken Broth*r

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In this custom clip, I play your little sist*r. Shot entirely in POV, it starts out with you roaming around my messy bedroom, lurking around to see what you can find. You see, I shrank you a while ago and now you live in the confines of my room. Suddenly, the door opens and I walk in tiredly after a long day of school and drop my bag on the floor beside you. I'm looking sexy as hell despite my exhausted appearance and you long to get a closer look at me.

You meander over to me on your little legs, getting as far as climbing up my leg as I'm standing in front of the mirror. Suddenly, I decide to change my clothes and as I pull my shorts off, you get knocked right off my calf. Terrified, you scurry, trying to avoid getting lost in a pile of my giant clothing. As I pick up my pile of discarded laundry, I finally take notice of your teeny tiny self and that's when the real fun begins.

I force you back to the ground and make you watch me change into a smokin' hot bikini. I drone on about my daily trials and tribulations at school, most of which you don't even remotely care about. But since you're completely under my spell - not to mention so tiny that you can't do anything about it - you sit there on the ground and listen to every word. I tease and taunt you, knowing full well how attracted to me you are despite the fact that you're my broth*r. Will I allow you to join me on the beach in the hot sun after I'm done chatting your ear off? Or will I leave you to dream about me while you're still trapped in my bedroom?
Length: 09:45
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
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Tiny Forever Jan 27th, 2017
Stupid Husband Jan 21st, 2017

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Tiny Forever
Jan 27th, 2017
Stupid Husband
Jan 21st, 2017
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