Out With The Trash

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How many times do I have to tell you that we're over? Done. Finished. You were a good slave for a while, but you've outworn your welcome. I no longer need or want you, so you need to get it through your thick skull that you will never serve me again. I have better, more generous piggies now that satisfy me more than you can, so why would I keep you around?

I have an idea: to really make you understand your insignificance in my life and in the world, I'm going to put you out on the curb. I'll toss you out there with all the other garbage and you can wait to be picked up by the garbage truck in the morning. How hilarious is that?! You, sitting out there with moldy food, diapers, and other disgusting waste. Then you'll be carried far away to a landfill with even bigger, more disgusting piles of trash. You can live out the rest of your days there where you belong!
Length: 06:49
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Tiny Forever Jan 27th, 2017
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Tiny Forever
Jan 27th, 2017
Stupid Husband
Jan 21st, 2017
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